Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wednesday evenings have been awesome!

Great meals from Diamond Dave Sheffel, Brenda and Donna!

Two new youth tonight!

A number of new children!

Great Bible study from Romans 13! Heavy stuff! Flowing out of Romans 12, being "living sacrifices," blessing those who persecute and into submission to authorities. You have to hear Paul saying, we pray for even Pontius Pilate...

We are blessed with more and more Chinese visitors. I pray they may accept Christ! One man asked me tonight, "what will you talk about next week?" Romans 14. He said he was going to read it carefully, because "you go through it line by line." I will take that praise! He said he has been to a church in China one or two times. It's really been awesome to see new youth and even volunteers in the children's ministry coming from our Chinese friends!

I am praising God for a church that just wants to reach out! They have built for it! ANd their hearts are in it!!

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