Friday, November 18, 2011

Evangelism Almost Never Takes Place Unless it is Planned

I am posting this from a paster I got from Dr C. Akbar, India Outreach Missions. Even though it is from India, it applies to our churches here.


Since only abiding in Christ makes the Christian fruitful, urge members to abide in Him and feed them properly so that His Word abides in them

Since prayer plays a major role in evangelistic effectiveness, significant attention must be given to personal prayer life and corporate prayer ministries


Have a strong attitude of personal evangelism

Have a consistent soul-winning pastor who takes a leading role in evangelism

Plan outreach on a regular basis

Incorporate evangelism as a prominent feature in every activity

Encourage every member for personal evangelism

Continuously emphasize from the pulpit on the need for salvation and witnessing

Designate intercessory prayer time for corporate prayer for the lost

Use definite evangelism and witness methods

Provide continuous witness training to its members

Watchfully maintain the consistency of its evangelistic attitude

Evaluate its evangelistic growth on a regular basis

Set annual evangelism goals for each of its departments

Conduct revival meeting every year

Plan evangelistic events on a regular basis

Encourage Sunday School teachers to present the plan of salvation on a regular basis

Have a “welcome class” for people interested in the gospel and the church

Be actively involved in church planting

Hold regular seminars on evangelism, witnessing, and church planting

Integrate evangelism in its youth programs

Adopt strategies to reach different people groups for Christ

Provide members time to share their witnessing testimonies

Designate a significant portion of their income for evangelism

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