Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sense of Place

There's hardly anything better than a restaurant you've been going to for years, where the staff has been there as long as you've been coming and you've been let in to the lives and on-the-job banter of the staff. That place for me is the Gold Star in Hamburg.

It sounds dramatic, but it's like a sailor sailing into home port. Nothing like chili on a cold winters night. Great to see old friends and familiar faces; one of the servers has a girl Johns age, and we started coming a little after John was born... So each time she sees the boys it sparks talk of her kids... And now one of the boy's favorite babysitters, Steffi McKinney, is here about to get off and her little boy, whom I baptized is here to pick her up.

I don't get over here as much anymore. But if I cruise into town I do try to stop by. Maybe I'll end up here on a cold, snowy night, and I can tramp in and be warmed up.

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