Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Awesome Outreach

My youngest son Joseph is 9, and he is a basketball fanatic. Morehead is a great place to be if you are a basketball fanatic. A group in our church had a dinner for the men's and women's basketball teams last night, and they invited our family to come. It was a great time for the athletes and the sponsors of the dinner.

And it was a great outreach. It was not just that we fed some kids who are away from home. It was not just that we invited them into the church. There was a lot of chance to talk, get to know people, and have some spiritual conversation. It started quickly. As soon as I said "Amen" to my prayer, a player came up and asked me about praying in Jesus' name. Is it the same as praying to God? We talked a few minutes and then I think we got to something... He is from a large city far away from here. And he is in Morehead, so there is some culture shock. Let us pray for spiritual openings and that they are filled with the good things of Christ!

My heart is warmed and I am encouraged to be among a group of believers who will do what it takes to reach others for Christ!

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