Thursday, January 19, 2012

China Pentecost

Friday evening, we had a dinner at our house for our church's missionary to Mexico. There are really amazing things afoot. It turned out that we had 7 Chinese folks come to the dinner as well. It struck me that we could not simply sit there and talk about missions in Mexico without explaining why we do missions and that means Jesus, so I took the opportunity to talk about salvation in Jesus' name twice that night, and it gave me a chance to pray with them about their needs.

It brought to mind the vision God has given me about Pentecost, about reaching people from all nations and languages. Jerusalem was full of people who heard the message in their own language. America is full of people from around the world, and if we can reach them-- in their own language, welcoming them into our church, into a relationship with the Lord-- when they call or write home, when they go home, they will share the gospel, perhaps seem will become pastors! We are in the midst of a new Pentecost that is crating a huge missionary explosion. There are so many "unreached people groups" in America! Will we reach them? Do you care?

We have a mission in Mexico because some years back Morehead UMC started an Hispanic ministry, ministered to a man from Oaxaca, who is on his way to being a pastor back home...
Will we be able to say the same for China?

Ting, who will be baptized on Easter, said last night at Wednesday Night Service, that she wants to teach a Chinese language Sunday School after she has learned more about the faith.

Let's pray and lift this up! What if one day we can say that we have a mission and have a relationship with a church--or more than one!-- in China that started because we were faithful to the mission field here?!

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