Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bible Reading

So I am thru Galatians. I may not get thru the new Testament as I planned. But it will be close.

Reading thru the last few chapters of 2 Corinthians, I was struck by Pauls worry for the church there in Corinth, that he had grieved them by taking a stand against sin.

I wonder if congregations know about the struggles their pastor has?

The concern for all those in the community who do not know Christ.

The grief that some in his church have not found salvation by grace, thinking they will be saves by good works-- or perhaps thinking they do not need to be saved at all.

Some do not pray. Most do not fast.

What if they are tempted by the pleasures of the world?

What if they are carried off into captivity by the desire for wealth?

What if they are caught in sin?

Adultery? Addictions?

We feel the pain of wayward children, of frightening diagnoses...

So what will we preach on Sunday? The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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