Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Car Free Day

I really like car free days. They should be as simple in Morehead as they were in Lexington, for the most part. You tend to have to drive more in rural areas, but there is a lot downtown, and the church is just a few minutes away by foot. Additionally, I plan to use some of the longer distances I might need to go to stay in shape. Our brutal ride to Annual Conference this year showed me a few things. First, I liked riding the long distance. I was a little afraid I might get off the bike and hate life and decide I was done riding. NO, I really liked it. Sick, I know.

Second, I need work on hills. And boy is this the place for it! Just a ride to the Morgan County line would be a real beast for me right now.

I just did some evangelism visits and made a quick grocery run on the xtracycle:

The xtracycle is an add on to an existing bike. I bought a Diamondback on sale and added the xtracycle with the wideloader platforms. I can carry about 200-250lbs of cargo, and have. Everything from turkeys for the poor to kids to a wheelbarrow. As you can tell, I love my xtracycle!

Are you familiar with Sustainable Morehead? Check out our church's website, www.moreheadmethodistchurch.org Some folks from the church started the organization to promote sustainability in transportation and the food system.

If you're new to this blog, especially because I left a card at your door, welcome! I hope you'll come back frequently and check out the church!

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