Thursday, July 7, 2011

Evangelism Tactics

You knock on doors and pass out cards during the day pretty much to NOT meet anyone. That sounds strange, but... You will meet a few people, and get to talk to them, but generally, you are looking to get out as many cards as you can, to let people know when you worship, where you are, etc. You're trying to get them to recognize the church when they see you later (because you'll go back won't you? Who goes out visiting just once!?!?) or when they hear something about an event at the church or see your people working on a Habitat House... Get the word out, savvy?

You take a stack of cards with you walking through neighborhoods of an evening for the people you will meet. This is slower but more fruitful.

As I was going out today, I noticed that Pizza joints and Chinese restaurants put stuff on people's doors. Is what they have worth more than Jesus?

I heard from a church member today that he went door-to-door for two months to get his business started.

Here's a secret: I can go out and visit and knock on doors all day long. But that won't bring as many people in as if each family in the church would pray and then invite a friend to come to worship with them. So, who will you invite to church?

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  1. Great to hear more about what you do. I haven't left any cards at the places that didn't answer.

    Funny thing for me - last week, I went out during lunch hour for the first, and we met more people and had more good conversations than any of our evening trips.

    I'd love to keep hearing more about what you do. Very helpful. Right now we're just winging it and figuring some things out.