Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ever had that feeling there isnt enough time? Maybe it's not quite that as much as it is the things to do keep rolling. There's time to get it done, but it seems like each day passes faster.

We had a great time with Brother Kulothungan of Maharashtra Village Ministries. Starting with the Evangelism Resources Dinner in Wilmore on Saturday night, it seems we have been doing lots of praying and singing and dreaming of how not nonly to advance missions to unreached groups in India, but how what Indian Christians know can help us in an American context that is a kind of secular Hinduism--pluralistic, syncretistic.

When I stop and think of all that we have before us to complete the mission of Jesus Christ--the Gospel will be preached in the whole world (Matthew 24:14)-- organizing children and youth ministries, preparing Christians to witness to their Lord, planting new churches... the things to do keep rolling. Tomorrow will be another full day. So praise God, the only thing to do it to take care of today!

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