Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missionary Pastor Titus

Here is an email from Jessie's friend in India, Omana Gaikwad. This is an update on a native missionary, Titus, badly beaten for his faith.

Hi Jessica,

Details of Pastor Titus:
I request you to kindly uphold our missionary Pastor Titus in your prayers. He was beaten badly yesterday for his faith and now is in the hospital. Yesterday, after he was beaten, he was not able to walk for nearly 4-5 hours. One of the nerves near the neck has been badly affected due to the beating because of which he is not able to speak properly and is also having complications around the abdomen.

In the month of February this year, there was persecution in his mission field itself in Andhra Pradesh in South India when new believers were beaten badly and were forced out of the village. The anti-Christian elements had plans to kill Titus during that time itself. However, the LORD, in answer to faithful prayers has been protecting Titus and his family as well as the believers.

I request you to kindly uphold Titus in your prayers. His two children Abhishek and Mahima are studying at our Project Anupama - the Missionary kids home. Please pray for Titus and his family and stand by them in this time of crisis.

In His grace,


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