Friday, June 17, 2011

Prayer Meeting

So tonight was my last prayer meeting at TheRock. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer.

John and Joe both felt comfortable to pray. Joseph spoke plainly, from the heart. I have long emphasized to the church that prayer is not something you have to be a pro at. I remember when joe was 2, he said that he did not know how to pray, because he was a baby. Now he feels comfortable to just speak to the Lord.

John's prayer was a Psalm, declaring how good he thinks God is. It was kind of amazing as he ended it by saying, "in the matchless name of Jesus." it's great that he is listening to lots of different people pray!

A simple woman prayed for the church and it hit me that she just likes the church, thinks it's a good place, a good idea, that people need the Lord. It makes me wonder: could the problems in the church come somewhat from the fact that we are thinking it too hard? Analyzing too much? Talking about it in ways that not everyone can underestand?

One of the poorest members of our community prayed and was clearing how much she could not wait to get to heaven to have the words to truly praise God, and how when she did have the words, "Lord, you're gonna hear it over and over and over..." reminds me that those of us who are well off often mistake what the poor want, and what they need. We want to make them like us-- educated, thrifty, good credit score, better possessions. We show who our god is in our attitudes towards the poor. They need and want salvation in Jesus' name.

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