Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Is Going to be Great

First full day in Morehead. Unpacking my office stuff, hanging out w kids and volunteers at VBS.

First person I saw today was Paula and her children, from Veracruz. I was able to introduce myself and tell her I was the new pastor. We talked about hopefully having Hispanic ministry. I asked if she had a church. She said she'd like to come here! Of course, Sonata, our missionary in Oaxaca had already built a relationship w her.

That is the nature of this church: so much going on, so many pioneering steps and I get to walk in and water plants and harvest where I did not sow. An amazing church! Bruce Nettleton, the previous pastor, did an amazing job. Easy to step in and follow.

The parsonage is beautiful, and the folks are going out of their way to take care of us.

Can't wait to see everyone Sunday!

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