Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet Moments With Nadia

Nay Nay turned 1 on Jun 8. It is hard to believe. When I was holding Tiffany and DG Hollums' five month old baby, I almost could not remember when Nadochka was that small and wobbly!

Something about your own baby-- nothing is cuter or sweeter. She has cute teeth for crying out loud! It strikes me from time to time that there is no one else you've known for less than 6 months that you can't imagine life without; that you'd let be such an invasion into your time and life... but a baby...

Tonight, we were outside walking around. Sometimes she was on my shoulders, sometimes not. As we turned around to come home, she was walking. She was holding my index finger with her hand. And she kept trying to reach over and hold my finger with her other hand, too. After a bit, I figured out that she wanted to have me hold both her hands. So I walked a little behind her, and she had a hand wrapped around both of my index fingers. Sometimes, holding one hand is not enough!

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