Friday, December 9, 2011

Car-Free Shopping

You can get $109 worth of groceries on your bike:

Granted, you need an xtracycle (click here to see what it's all about).

Morehead is not as bike friendly as the Northside of Lexington. I will say that if you get south of Main in Lexington, it is not very bike friendly. At any rate, right there at St Claire Hospital a guy in a maroon truck honked pretty long at me. I waved--maybe he knows me? He must have! He waved back, and let me know he thought I was "Number One," holding up one finger at me.

And yes, that is a 48 pack of Waffles tied down with bungees. Don't you judge me. I rode my bike to Kroger and need to refuel. Don't you judge me.

Something about cold weather makes me want to bike more. Some of that, no doubt is that an idealistic streak in me sees a bike as an alternative to a car. I have always like riding bikes, from the time I was 6. I have only had 6 bikes, including the one I had when I was 6, and I have 2 now. My first long trip was when I was 12 and I talked my mom into letting me leave our village and ride to the big city, Homburg. Of course, in Germany, bikes were about as common as cars in those days, so it was safer than it sounds... I rode a bike for a year because i was in a feud with an insurance company over their drunk driver who totaled my car and I would not accept their pathetic settlement. So, yes, you can do a lot without a car. I used to ride to the District Office, but I am not sure Raceland is a feasible trip from Morehead...

It's not just about distance or our crazy ride to Annual Conference. It's also about seeing if I could get by without a car. And yes, I could. We have two, so if one dies, I probably won't replace it. If the second dies, well...

Bikes aren't toys. Not simply recreational or for exercise. They can and should be about daily tasks. The xtracycle has been awesome for me. Yesterday I had a bunch of chairs I needed to take to the church. It was cold. Why not load up the X?

It only took me 17 minutes to get from Kroger back to the house. I won't lie, that hill is a killer, especially with 40 extra lbs.

I think I have the only xtracycle in Morehead, and yes, my vanity likes that! I had one of the first 3 or 4 in Lexington, and then hipsters started getting them and I had to leave town...

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