Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting Home

I went to pick up the boys. It is a bright, cold day. Sun is going down behind the hills. As I came back to the house, I saw smoke coming from the chimney; Ica started a fire. And when I came in there was the smell of onions cooking. It was a really nice sight and smell.

Last night I stopped by a parishioner's house to pray with the family before some medical procedures this week. You think you are going over to provide comfort and they send you home with a bucket of kindling and a bag of turnips.

Friday night, there was a dinner at the church that a Sunday School invited us to. Such good food and fellowship. We have been having Advent breakfasts and it feels like we have been living at the church... and that has felt like a very good thing. I remember Norbert Itoula, from the Republic of Congo, used to talk about how we should live in the Church, for worship and prayer and fellowship. It sure feels like we could do that; the Spirit of the Season is inhabiting us...

Worship was wonderful today. My best friend in seminary, David Crow, taught me an old Methodist phrase, "having great freedom in preaching;" I had that today for sure.

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