Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thinking Clearly About the Good News

Maybe I'm not so much thinking as remembering. Sometimes we have to go back to an experience to get to something deeper than the places the experiences we have had since then have brought us.

So, when I got saved, I was not so much overcome by the death and resurrection of Jesus. I was on the one hand angry that there were such things as miracles that I could now accept... more than accept, I believed. On the other hand, I was also very much relieved that my sins were forgiven, that I would escape wrath.

I sometimes wonder if we can only think about the gospel in terms of where we are right now. AS we have matured and learned more, we obviously have a deeper sense and appreciation for all that the gospel implies.

But at its heart is relief for the sinner because he has escaped the wrath of God. What if we quit talking about that because we already have it and have moved on to other things pertaining to a maturing Christian life? Is this why we have such little emphasis on evangelism? Have we forgotten that we had to simply plead the blood of Jesus for forgiveness of sins? Are we embarrassed that we were such beggars?

Let us not expect and therefore substitute mature discipleship for the basic milk of forgiveness of sins by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

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