Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday and Monday After

what a great day yesterday! wonderful worship across three services, Stephanie McNeill sang the Scripture for us (Matthew 1:1-17, who knew there was a song in that!), great freedom in preaching, holy communion, and we baptized Megan Alldredge! Praise God for His work among us!

Monday after Communion Sunday means communion service at Cave Run Manor, an assisted living facility. What a wonderful time with the people there! Something sweet happens in the small group that hears the Word and takes communion together. It is a special place, feels like a family there.

I fretted over how to put the Scripture together for Sunday's sermon, but glory to God, He worked it out in spite of me! This week, preaching on Joseph and already the Lord is throwing Scriptures at me, putting things together. I look forward to preaching on Joseph!

I am taking Nadia with me to have communion at Cave Run Manor... they won't let me in without her ever again. They're serious. She is such a joy. She will jump up and run to me when I come in the door. She will say "Da Da" over and over again. I am blessed by her cheerfulness... and even her mischief!

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