Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

On this Christmas Eve, my family and I wish you a blessed, Merry Christmas! What a wonderful time of year when the blessings of the Lord (a warm, dry house; a chill in the air; time off from work) conspire with the meditating we do on the Second Person of the Trinity left the Glory of "Heaven's High-Councel Table" (as Milton said) to come into our "darksom House of Clay" (MIlton, "On The Morning of Christ's Nativity").

We have been blessed through and through this year. As hard as it was to leave the ministry at The Rock La Roca, and all the people who blessed us for 5 years, we are also blessed to serve in Morehead. It is a wonderful thing that across such different churches, the Methodist system takes care of the preacher and his family. Indeed, we are blessed.

John is 11 now. He likes to read and imagine and make vehicles that have never existed, such as strollers powered by the wind. He is very happy to be in Morehead, as the university environment fuels his curiosity, and he is close enough to the country to start on his plans of being a cattle baron.

Joseph is 9 and loves video games, reading, and sports, especially basketball. Morehead is basketball crazy, so Joseph is in his glory. He has his own dance for when he makes a good shot.

Nadia is 18 months and is such a joy! She sits with me in the La-Z-Boy after church and watches football. She loves her brothers and will sneak up into their room after bed time to sleep with them. She knows a lot of words and phrases. She is spoiled rotten, too. I try to be firm with her, but it just doesn't work. She says "Daddy..." and it's all over.

Jessie is the children's pastor at Morehead United Methodist and is bringing her knowledge and desire to share Jesus to children's ministry. She really looks forward to being able to spend more time on Cave Run lake and the trails around it.

I am blessed when my family is blessed, and there has been great freedom in preaching the gospel and that is all I need.

Rejoice with us in our Savior's birth and in the blessings He has poured out on us. He is faithful, always faithful!

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