Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scenes from Morehead

One of the first things Bruce Nettleton, th former pastor here, did was take me to Eagle Lake and show me the trailhead. Ha! I was glad to know there was someplace so close by, so quick, to head out into the woods. And there is lots of climbing so you get a good work out. Theres no better way to get thinking than to be out walking (or riding a bike). Bruce said there was a trail that went off the main trail and led up to the ridge. I found at least one of those yesterday. Steep path, great views. Reminded me of being in Germany, where there is so much walking in the woods and over the hills.

I took a few walks with Nadia today... Trying to get my mind around the sermon. It was pretty cold early this morning when I went out and she was insistent about going. But she also hates to wear a hat and mittens. I told her, "you have to wear your hat and mittens."

I went to put my shoes on and she came in with her hat on and her mittens in her hand. She knew what it would take! It was a great time to walk with her.

I have been having some trouble with my knee... Not unusual. Some of you remember how summer of 2010, I was intending to ride my bike to Annual Conference, but had to bail after the first long training ride. Took physical therapy ad came back to ride in 2011. Got thru without much knee pain and got thru cramps that always seemed to hit at about 40-45 miles. Well, it has been bothering me for no real reason.. No long rides to irritate it. And there is a bony knot on my knee cap which makes it hard to kneel. The sawbones here, Tom Fossett gave me the straight dope. It's an after effect of surgery years back and when they do surgery on you your knee won't eb the same so deal with it and get back to what you do. I was really worried it was gig to slow me down, keep me from riding or walking as much as I like to. It sounds foolish, but I feel really happy to know that its just how it is and I can still do everything I want to.

Paul Ousley brought me a truck load of wood. Ica got a roaring fire going... We're going to need more wood, Paul. Feels very good to sit of an evening reading there...

Speaking of cold night reading:
In college, you don't get to read the big fat hairy novels as much as you should. Here's 10 to keep you occupied. I can only put the first few in a favorite order, and I bet that will change year to year:

Les Miserables

The Brothers Karamazov

War and Peace

Don Quixote

The Bones of Plenty

Kristin Lavransdottir

The Count of Monte Cristo

David Copperfield

The Faerie Queene-- so it's not a novel. Deal with it.

Middlemarch, the shortest on this list

I think this Christmas I will reread Adam Bede, by George Eliot

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