Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School

Last night, I was with each boy privately as they both told me of their worries about starting school in a new place.

They had been at Arlington Elementary in Lexington, a very special school with a staff that really came around the boys when they were in the toughest times I hope they ever have to face. So it's not just that we moved to a new school--we left a school that was a great space for the boys, not just in terms of the building, but in a kind of emotional landscape.

I went to five elementary schools in 4 states and Germany, 2 high schools. So i've been the new kid a lot. Came to terms with the fact that all my friends were going to be strangers. So last night, I could tell the boys that it's ok to be the new kid.

But this morning, to see the boys sitting there awkwardly, off to the sides, not knowing anyone... I know how that feels... and there's this weird line between knowing it's ok.. or it will be ok, and wishing it wasn't that way. At the end of the day, I know that they will come home excited, new friends, excitement of learning and getting to know their teachers.

Whenever I am reminded of the darker mode on my peripatetic life, I'm in a California mood, so until the boys come home, it's P.O.D. and The Offspring in the iPod.

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