Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Taking a short break from the sermon... I know, I know, you wish you could too on Sunday! Ha ha ha. Having fun with this one-- history of the Roman sewer, old school paganism, Christian social ethics... what's not to love?

But something struck me, totally unrelated to the sermon.

It's so easy to lose sight of, track of, what's important, valuable, precious to us.

Another way to say that is: it's hard work to NOT take good stuff for granted.

You're around your family and friends all the time, and so it becomes routine. When they're not around, you really miss them.

Maybe you live in a place like Morehead, KY, and you forget to be in awe of the beauty, or take advantage of the lake (this one worries me. I can see 2 years from now no longer looking up to that mountain outside the church. It becomes a backdrop that I don't even notice.)

Or a struggle I have to revisit periodically: what about the things you do that give you life? What if they get crowded out by the everyday? Or "important" stuff that's on your plate? You have to step back sometimes and remember what it was that brings life and joy, what you're called to.

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