Friday, August 19, 2011

Rejoice With Me!

Back at my first church in Winchester, the Mynhier kids were part of the youth group. John and his twin sisters, Mary and Martha. We had some epic adventures. A staple of life together was for me to say to them, "Now, when we get close to your house, I'm just gonna slow down, and y'all jump out. Remember to tuck and roll!"

This phrase, "tuck and roll," became a greeting and a good bye or just something we'd say at random moments.

I think I blogged a few days ago about getting back in touch with John. So imagine my surprise and joy when, walking down Main Street today I hear someone yell, "Tuck and roll!" I look and there is Mary! With her mom Arvilla!

I ran out into the street, almost got killed. But it was so good to see them, and to meet Mary's 4 yr old daughter, Destiny.

Arvilla is the reason we had such a huge garden at the Rock, a big part of the explosion of gardening in Lexington. Arvilla had a huge garden and kept me in beans, peppers, maters, corn, you name it. She wanted it to go to the hungry, so we began a program to make sure that we could get extra produce to the people who needed it. When I got to Lexington, I knew I'd want to do some gardening-- to feed the hungry, do some evangelism, but especially to beautify the neighborhood.

So while very few people may know Arvilla Mynhier, she was huge in getting some great stuff going.

You know, there are some people I have always known I would see again, would find again, no matter how often we lost touch or for how long. The Mynhier kids are in that category. It's another reason I was happy to come to Morehead, because they are from Rowan County, and I knew I could at least start on the trail of finding them.

But Mary found me first. Something as silly as "tuck and roll" brought a tear to my eye today. Rejoice with me!

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