Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great Day of Ministry

Sometimes, somedays, the Lord is just all over it.

A few things conspired to make me realize that I had to totally give the day up to God or it was going to get bad. I didn't fast yesterday--I forgot, and I can tell you when I don't fast things can get rough.

After squaring away schedule stuff, I went to visit a parishioner who does not get to come very much. I found out that this person is sick, days are shorter than longer; doesn't have much money-- making it, but... And then these words that blessed and convicted me: "All I have is the Lord."

Early this morning someone had posted to Twitter that you don't know how much you need Jesus until He is all you have.

So this was going through my mind: here is a person that, really, by the world's standards, is not someone to spend any time on, not someone who adds anything. But isn't it amazing that this person feels the presence of the Lord more than ever? How amazing! The Lord gives His presence and love in powerful and extravagant ways to the very ones we overlook.

I wonder what it would be like if we related like that, like God does?

Then I had an impromptu meeting with the Program Director at the Morehead Inspiration Center, a residential treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. That is going to be a great relationship for our church. We already do a lot with them in terms of giving them space for classes, but I hope we can do more and really look to the spiritual care of the guys.

I had a great meeting at a nursing home that turned out a number of folks from the church are there, so it was like a mini-service!

And capped it off tonight with a meeting for a couple about to get married and it turned into a great time of prayer!

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  1. Sounds like a really great day of ministry!