Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Things

So, Tom Fossett, a member at Morehead got us a pass to the National Park facilities around Cave Run Lake. tuesday, we loaded up the family and I worked on the sermon while Jess and the kiddos swam and played. It was a great day under some pines. I like to be outside when I work on my sermon, used to like a place on the Palisades in Jessamine County. Of course, the week I got to spend on sermon prep on the Baltic was pretty nice. I guess the highlight for me was hearing the pages of my Bibles turn when a breeze blew. I love it on sunday morning when people are turning the pages and following along in the Bible with the sermon.
John said tonight, "I can't wait til I am a Daddy." I got a chance to tell the boys that of all the things I have done in life, being a Daddy is the best.
And it's easy to be happy to be a Daddy to John, Joe, and Nadia.
Nadochka may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. She has this smile where she throws her head back and leans forward and shows her teeth. Why am I so blessed?

She says Amen now pretty regularly. If you start to pray, she says it. If you say the words "Jesus" or "heavenly Father," she says, "maymen."
Blast from the past. a few days ago, Jessie asked, "Do you know John Mynhier?" Yes, I do! He friended her on facebook looking for me. He was a youth in my church in Winchester. We had a lot of good times together, especially doing evangelism on the back roads of Clark County. We called a few sinners to repentance. And one day, we were way out there, and we got to a long driveway that we drove up only to find and abandoned house. But, we alos found something else: blackberries! Now, we were so far out in the woods you'da had to go back towards town to hunt, and so not even the birds had found these blackberries! Our faces and fingers were purple. I remember telling John we needed some ice cream, but he said they were pretty good as is.

I think this is one of my favorite memories.

The list of people who wanted to kick my butt was shorter. [don't worry, the list of people who want to and CAN is very short. And if you think you're on that list, forget about it. you're not]

Simpler times.

We did not fully appreciate the battle with the enemy, and that there might be fewer of us.

But then, John Mynhier's family got the whole garden madness going!

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