Friday, August 26, 2011


So, today... I try to take Fridays off because it sure isn't a Sabbath on Sunday for a preacher.

And today Jessie is visiting a friend and it is Nadia and I. daddy-baby days I have been calling them for years now. I look forward to the days when I have a big chunk of time with one of the kids.

Nadia and I have played, snuggled, napped, walked around, had lunch... You can kiss a baby to sleep, and that is a wonderful thing.

When you say it's time to pray, Nadia says, "amen" and will continue saying it throughout the prayer.

Today she has been a love bug, constantly throwing up her arms for a hug.

I was reminded when I was holding her right after she woke up that we really need to cultivate that kind of place of rest. A place where there is perfect peace, perfect trust.

Tomorrow it's back to grinding hard, but today, God willing, will be an important time just re-creating with my family... Any wait for the boys to get home... That has always been my number one commitment, to carve out the real time to be with family. I don't want to be that pastor who loses his kids because they don't know him, or whose kids hate the church for taking their dad. Or wake up one day and realize how long it's been since we just hung out.

Have you had that experience with God? You know, you go to pray and realize it has been months since you prayed? Don't let it happen!

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