Sunday, September 18, 2011

Arts and Eats

Morehead/Rowan County hosted the Autumn Arts and Eats Festival yesterday. By all accounts, it was a very successful day-- way more people than anyone expected.

I have to say I am still being blessed by the thought of what happened. The church decided to purchase a booth and sell "Walking Tacos--" a bag of Fritos with chile and cheese poured in. Man, is it good. We sold close to 300.

But what was so amazing was the number of volunteers from the church. More than 30 came to work at our booth. Many, many more donned the red shirts we had made. No doubt, there were more of those Morehead Methodist red shirts than any other shirts that were out.

Our kids were amazing-- a group of elementary kids came and passed out cards. 400 cards inviting people to our church! The kids were all over the place. I was really proud of them!

I was able to do nothing else but talk to people about the church and their spiritual lives. There were so many volunteers, so many of our church people introducing me to their friends...

And what's wild is that the Children's Ministry Team first started putting this together as an outreach to the community! So from the start, we went into it as an outreach. Can't beat that.

If our church will stay focused on getting out of the doors and helping people to find their way to Jesus and to church, great things are going to happen here!

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