Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Geography of Love, part 1

Ok, so I was in the doctor’s office this morning and ran into a parishioner... for a variety of stream-of-consciousness reasons, here’s what I ended up thinking.

Here and there, some in the Christian Community will talk about “community.” or “authentic community.”

Some of you who have been friends of mine for a while know I cringe when I hear the word “community” because it has become a buzzword, a word that lacks meaning, a word that if you say it immediately trumps the content of what is being said...

I think I may have figured out why the word as I have experienced its usage rubs me wrong.

I know some people, some for a long time, some just now getting to know in Morehead, who have known each other for a long time. Like decades. Their devotion to one another is touching-- coming to get them for church, taking each other to doctor’s appointments, hanging out for lunch...

I don’t think they would say they “have community” or “are community for each other...” They don’t need a word-become-a-theory-turned-into-a-book-and-speaking-engagements...

They are... friends? Christians?

Most of the talk of community seems to have an expectation that it should happen quickly; that small groups or watching the Office, or whatever will create it.

No, only time in obedience to love will create it.

15 years it ago it was not at all clear that Steve McKinney and John Crissman would be my best friends. There were many other people in our circles.

But time and love...

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