Friday, September 30, 2011

Quotation from Augustine

I am back blogging at check it out, you can subscribe to it. Basically it is my attempt to present some Methodist doctrine and issues that we have forgotten/ignored/not known. I try to focus on the lives of the early Methodist preachers, Christian perfection, and Wesley's 52 standard sermons.

But back to the lecture at hand:

I came across this quotation from Augustine. It deals with how we navigate the intersection of the Old and New Testaments. We have been studying Leviticus on Sunday evenings, and it brings up a lot of this issue.

"if we are asked why we regard [the Old] Testament as authoritative when we do not observe its ordinances, we find the answer to this also in the apostolic writings, for the apostle says , "let no man judge you in meat or drink, in respect of a holiday or new moon, or of a Sabbath, which are a shadow of things to come..... So when we read anything in the books of the Old Testament which we are not required to observe, or which is even forbidden, instead of finding fault with it, we should ask what it means; for the very discontinuance of the observance proves it to be not condemned, but fulfilled."

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