Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prayer Meeting

I missed last weeks prayer meeting because I was on the road.

Back this week and again good stuff. Tom said he knew we had a soul when he attended an autopsy as a student.

Others encouraged me; they have been here for decades and say they are still impressed by the grandeur of the hills, so I probably won't take it for granted...

The hills were shrouded in mist and as I was thinking I could not see them but knew they were there, I also thought how beautiful it will be when the leaves change colors...

A woman from an Orthodox background said she wants to join here because she feels at home. Hooray for the Creed and Eucharist!

Why do we smirk at weakness? My bud James Williams is heart sore that some smirked at a homeless woman in his church. We patronize children that way, too. Their games and lack of so-called knowledge. Nadia was not feeling well last night, and neither was Joe early in the morning... What else could be done except to comfort them when they are not sure what's wrong?

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