Friday, September 2, 2011


I could never wait for the day the boys, and now Nay, started speaking. I wanted to know what they were thinking. What they found funny. What games they would play if no adult scripted it for them.

I guess it's my fascination with learning about other cultures and languages.

In the early days of speaking, you have to work to understand some things? There is in Nay Nay's language only slight stress distinctions between the word for "baby," "bubba," and "belly.". All three words are "bebe.". There's a natural poetry in babies!

Anyway, "milk" has been an interesting word for all three. John called it "mauk.". Joe called it "nu," and it took us a bit to figure out it was because we would say we would get him a "new" cup of milk. Nadia calls it "more," because we ask her if she wants more.

7 or 8 years ago Cindy Patton gave me an idea to start a journal I was going to call Teknalogy, or "children's words," a journal of children's prayers and spiritual formation written by children. Now that Nay is with me, I have that desire again...

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