Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More on Hard Time Witnessing

This is from Theo, Francine's husband:

It gets better

Addendum to the old ultra man

We mentioned that church was good for the soul, to which the old man vehemently replied that idea had been dead for 2000 years. While he stomped off in disgust at these two Christians, one of us called after him "We'll see who's right". Modern humans have made themselves comfortable by the lie that there is nothing after death. After the old man turned the corner and disappeared into the hills, we were left with a sense of having seen a legend in the running world, a hero to us ultra folks, come down hard to being a tragically lost person in great need of a Savior. He is 80+ years, and physical death is around the corner, time to make up your mind buddy. He probably thought we were a couple of Jesus freak ultra runners in need of a therapist. Don't feel bad for us. We were (and every time still are) elated at having been given the chance to be one of the, on average, seven witnessing people it might take before a person comes to faith. So, there is hope! Christ said "Go" and promised He will always be with us. He was given authority in heaven and earth, who can beat that? Evangelism is not hard at all if we humbly accept that we are His messengers and He is fully in control. Don't count the number of converts, He will do that, He knows the total number required before He comes back. Can't wait for that day, and yet, the harvest is waiting, is ripe and abundant. Now go! Thank you Jesus, for letting us do Your work, for giving us the credit.

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