Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can't Believe I Forgot

At the revival this week I was so blessed. I got to meet some truly sweet people who have great hearts full of love for the Lord. I was really touched during the prayer time when one of the men said he thought they should go ahead and bring me back next year and I could see that they had been revived. A preacher can't ask for more than to know people want you back, because in revival you have to say some frank things.

I told him that I would love to but they really needed to seek the Lord. Maybe my message is just for a season. Later one of the dear saints told me that they could only make that decision by prayer and fasting. How happy I was to hear that! A church can go a long way with people who will fast.

And then... the last night of the revival... How blessed was I to see seven people from the Morehead church! I was shocked and touched... People drove an hour to the little country church. What more can you ask for than for people to support you like that?

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