Sunday, October 16, 2011

This morning

I hope everyone had a great Lord's Day!

I was preaching out of Exodus 15:1-5, Miriam's Song about the destruction of the Egyptian army, sermon on salvation.

There were two Chinese men there, who work at a local restaurant. A woman who does some work in China brought them. One is a Christian and his friend is "learning." They need an early service, and we have one, and the woman said she had heard great things about our church. That's amazing. man, what if we got an in to do work in China? What am I saying! We need to import their Christians here! They'd rip it up!!

At the altar in the two sanctuary services, people came to the altar as I asked them to thank God for His great power of salvation. Some came because they were seeking literal, powerful salvation for those sick to the point of death. Others themselves are in that place where their days are much shorter than longer. In the early service two men were there seeking and thanking Him and all I could say is "He is a good God" and tears began to flow.

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