Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Don't Even Have to Pack My Bags

...the Misty Mountains are just outside my door!

It's interesting; I have been trying to make sure that I don't take the view of the hills outside the church, outside my door for granted. Morehead very quickly shows you that it is a special place, in terms of its location and its people and its institutions. You see why people come and don't leave.

Well, Sunday, after church as I was greeting people at the door, three people commented on how beautiful the mountain looked as the Fall colors were coming out. I told them of my desire to not take it for granted, to hopefully not wake up one day and just not even acknowledge it's there. We always take stuff for granted, and I guess we have t make some priorities about what we won't let become ho-hum.

Well, as the colors come on, there is even more reason to rejoice. In the lushness of summer, it is a mass of green, and it's top undulates.

Now, it is not only getting colorful, it is getting wispy. You can see individual trees by their bare branches, and the outline of the top looks almost frail.

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