Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Forgot My Bible

I left my Bible in the Upper Room Chapel after Trevor Hudson preached.

I went back to the bookstore to get it. The woman behind the desk said, "I can tell it is precious to you. I looked for a name but saw what you had written in it and all your bookmarks..."

She has no idea how precious it is to me. Perhaps even I had no idea.

It's a Bible I have lost numerous times.

I have been blessed so much recently, and to find my Bible again, and to hear "I could see how precious it is to you..." that tops it all off.

There is so much noise and talking; blogs and songs; so many people talking about God. Listen to Him in His Word.

I suppose some of what has come from this time of retreat is an encouragement in and intensification of a direction I received from the Lord about 4 years ago: the sermon is to be written in and from the prayer bench not the study desk; and I am to give Him His Words back, not to speak mine.

And saying that I am and have been aware that this could be a bludgeon--are my sermons infallible pronouncements of Truth? Only insofar as they are in accordance with the Word. Get your Word out! Do not, oh do not ever let the preacher or latest devotional book be your authority! Let only God reign in your heart and mind!

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